MACK is not a single musical genre. It’s a beating heart of keyboards, synths, drums and samples. A whirlwind of hip hop, electronics and jazz that evolves on the basis of various collaborations.

MACK is not a fixed number. Its core – Federico Squassabia (keyboards and synthesizer), Marco Frattini (drums and electronics) and Mattia Dallara (electronics and samples) – is always ready to expand, opening up to different artists and disciplines in a sophisticated way.
The first recording project comes to life with the EP released in 2019, MACK (Irma Records). In 2021, two singles were released for Deposito Zero Studios, Ice Dreamer feat. AVEX and Fire Among Us feat. Akua Naru, this one was Song of the Day for KEXP as well as being selected among the productions of the year for Black a Lot (Michele Gas / Casa Bertallot).

In the same year, the audiovisual project S0NAX (Irma Records) was released in collaboration with the artist Lototek, presented during the Milan Music Week (LINECHECK OFF). The realization was promoted by Bologna Città della Musica Unesco with the support of Music Market and Ludwig Sound.
In October of 2022, ST4RS (Porto Records / Duna Studio / Deposito Zero Studios) was released, an album in which MACK’s music will merge with various voices of Italian rap including MURUBUTU, INOKI, TORMENTO, MOURI, MODER.

There have been many live performances by MACK and on many different stages in Italy and abroad : Festival ArtiVive 2022, Festivalle 2022, Eurovision Village Turin 2022, Termoli Jazz 2022, Firenze Jazz Festival 2021, Musik Bunker Aachen 2021, Roccella Jazz 2021, Musica sui Bocche 2021, Live Rock Festival 2020, September Calling in Rome 2020 (Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation), Vancouver Jazz Festival 2019, Fano Jazz 2018, BAUM Festival 2018.